Why join the Crestwood Alumni Association?

Alumni receive recognition for noteworthy achievements, business ventures and strong support of Crestwood.
Building a network of other graduates increases your connections. We will offer many chances for alumni to rub shoulders with one another at games, socials and events.
Alumni members are always in kept in the loop. Career opportunities and networking events are two of the biggest advantages.

Meet the Board of Directors

Steven Earl

Steven Earl


A graduate of Crestwood way back in the year 2000, Steve returned to Crestwood for good in his role as a teacher in 2018. As a student he was influenced and inspired by some of the Crestwood greats including Larry Pearson, Sam Sinopoli and Bob Danby to name a few, and continues the strong tradition of coaching and extra curriculars that were present during his exeperience at Crestwood. Steve believes that a strong Alumni can help shape and grow the future of Crestwood while honouring the past and those that paved the way for current and future students.

Larry Pearson

Larry Pearson


Larry, or LP as he is commonly known, is a lifelong Mustang. He first graced the halls of Crestwood as a grade 9 student the year it opened in 1963. When he returned as a teacher a few years after graduating his enthusiasm, energy, positivity and lasting impact would be matached by few. Larry spent mornings and afternoons coaching and motivating youth to attempt and achieve their best. The Mustang Award was introduced in 2013, an honor and an award that deservedly bares his name. When asked to join the Alumni Association Larry eagerly said yes. His passion for Crestwood is matched by none, and his desire to engage the many generations of Mustangs together will be a benefit to all involved with the Alumni Association.

Steve Masters

Steve Masters


A fellow lifelong Mustang, Steve graduated Crestwood in 1987 and soon after began his teaching and coaching career at Crestwood. During his 28 years teaching Physical education, science and Kinesiology, Steve also spent countless hours in the Crestwood gyms coaching both boys and girls volleyball teams to numerous COSSA titles and OFSSA entries. Steve is eager to assist in growing the Alumni Association in the coming years and stay involved with the Crestwood community.


Supporting your school shows pride in your education. Are you proud of having graduated? Does your diploma signify your feelings for your high school? Alumni support is essential to keeping this pride alive!


Well-informed alumni can be powerful ambassadors for Crestwood in the civic and business community. The alumni database is a great resource for business partnerships in the community.


Financial support of alumni members from across the globe make these types of endeavours possible. With the rising cost of educational expenses, these donations help fund scholarships for Crestwood students.


Provide guidance to a student majoring in the same subject you did or who wants to enter the same industry. You can also arrange co-op opportunities. It’s fun to pass your knowledge on to others, and it feels good!


2nd Annual Charity Golf Tourney

On Saturday, June 11th 2022, the Crestwood Alumni Association is running a charity golf tournament at Keystone Links GCC to raise funds for the new Crestwood Fitness Centre!

Crestwood Fitness Centre

Help Crestwood build a fitness centre.